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We manufacture

Premium Luxury Gentlemens band

Manufactured with the exact needs of our customers, our range provides men with the diversity they need when picking rings they will wear for infinity


two toned band

With small black diamonds centered around your choice of metal, this ring is made for every man that chooses to be extraordinary and daring

crosser inner band

A two tone piece with a crosser inner design is the perfect best of both wedding band for men. Inspired by our current times where men are doing the extraordinary and getting noticed

rope in center band

With a beautiful two toned texture which you can customize to your desires. This wedding band has an attention grabbing rope in center available in metals of your choice

uneven center band

With a unique uneven center design, this wedding band suits a man of subtle style. This unique wedding band was designed with the needs of a subtle man in mind. A man who is sure of himself and his taste in everything. 

antique band

This traditional mens wedding band is detailed with filigree on the sides as well as well a black inlay. A wedding band that takes you back when love was the only thing that matters.

black inlay band

A simple man usually appreciates the simple pleasures of life. His choices are often reflected in his style and this design appeals to this uncomplicated man. Sometimes beautiful things are simple and uncomplicated.

have something else amazing in mind?

design your own ring

We specialize in co-creation and give our clients freedom of expression through designs, therefore making your jewellery a piece made specifically for you.

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