Isabella Jewellers & Refiners

We also offer

other services

We understand that our customers have different needs. Henvce we go beyond the traditional customer-vendor relationship to co-create value to meet their expectations. 

other Fields of expertise

Smelting & jeweller feed stocks

Dental plates and mouldings

Consulting & in-house Assay Facilities – XRF scanner,

Casting facilities, CAD designs

Granual-gold, silver, platinum & palladium wires

Sales for semi products& Precious metal processing to industries

we will go above and beyond to meet

all your specified needs

what our clients say

"We have worked with Isabella Jewellers & Refiners for a long period of time, providing us with a number of products. Their work ethic plus quality of their range of products is truly exceptional"
Limestone Metals
" Isabella Jewellers & Refiners manufactures jewellery of the highest standard, we have been very happy as company to have them be our continuous reliable suppliers"
Tirang Jewellers
What an exceptional team. Their aim to create lasting co-create relationships have been evident throughout our work relationship with IJR."
Liba Jewels Mastery

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