Isabella Jewellers & Refiners

We refine precious metals

Our refinery includes recovering gold and platinum group metals from waste material such as; sweeps, fillings, dust & polishing, solutions, amalgam, dental scrap, computer waste, and old jewellery.

our processes are approved by responsible jewellery council sa

our refinery process

At Isabella Jewellers & Refiners, we’ve mastered the craft of precious metals refining, helping people like you get the most for their gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Here’s some insight into the precious metals refining process.

Refining is the process of purifying an impure metal. It’s easiest to think of precious metals refining as a method of recycling. The refining process takes products or byproducts containing precious metals (such as jewelry or dental scrap) and isolates the metals back into more purified states for recirculation.

Once we re-purify the precious metals we receive, they are entered back into the market, where they can be bought as an investment or used to create new products. Precious metals refining is essentially recycling. All the material we receive gets put back to good use, reducing the amount that needs to be mined.


we have state of the art machinery that enable us to manufacture our gold and platinum to a purity of 99.99%

what our clients say

"We have worked with Isabella Jewellers & Refiners for a long period of time, providing us with a number of products. Their work ethic plus quality of their range of products is truly exceptional"
Limestone Metals
" Isabella Jewellers & Refiners manufactures jewellery of the highest standard, we have been very happy as company to have them be our continuous reliable suppliers"
Tirang Jewellers
"What an exceptional team. Their aim to create lasting co-create relationships have been evident throughout our work relationship with IJR."
Liba Jewels Mastery

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